WiseTech is a bio-tech company founded by William Wise (father of James Wise and Laurel Wise) that concentrates on the development of medical implants and advanced prosthetics.

Famous Members Edit

WiseTech has had thousands of employees and members around the world, but the most famous ones are:

  • William Wise: Founded WiseTech, and served as CEO for nearly 20 years.
  • James Wise: Served as CEO for two months, he was also the leader of the team that created the WiseTech ExoSuit.
  • Leonard Provan: He was part of the team that created the WiseTech ExoSuit.
  • Sara Wise: Served as CEO for a year. She closed the company.

Famous Projects Edit

WiseTech only had two famous projects: the WiseTech ExoSuit and Project Wyvern (which was the reason behind why Sara Wise closed the company).

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