Laurel Wise is a Beta Superhuman known for being "The Raptor", and an active member of The Guardians.

Bio Edit

Early Life Laurel was born in 1996 as the second and last child of the marriage between Anne Queen and William Wise (CEO and Founder of WiseTech). She spent the majority of her childhood in Princeton, New Jersey and in Australia with her brother, James Wise.

When she was 13 years her parents divorced and she went to San Francisco to live with her aunt, Matilda Wise. Sadly, her aunt passed away four years later, so she went back to Princeton with her brother.

When she was 19, James told her about his secret powers, but also told her she was probably a superhuman. When she turned 20, she told James she was going to help him in his quest as Quantum, whether he wanted or not.

The First Guardians Edit

When James Wise recruited the first team for The Guardians, he selected Laurel as an analyst, running communication.

Laurel and Daniel Bauer (with whom had an ongoing realtionship) were the two analysts working on The Guardians, but occasionally Laurel would be on the field as backup.

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