James William Wise (a.k.a Quatum) is an Omega Superhuman known for being the founder of The Guardians, being a Superhuman Rights activist, and for being part of the Battle of Princeton.

Bio Edit

Early Life Edit

Born in 1992 as the first son of Anne Queen and William Wise (CEO and Founder of WiseTech), James spent most of his childhood in Princeton and in Australia (where he became friend of Sydney Jaynes) with his sister, Laurel Wise.

After his parents divorced (at the age of 17), James discovered his superhuman abilities. At the age of 20, he left Princeton University (where he had became friend of Benji Provan and his brother, Leonard Provan), to search for the assasin of Owen Redford (who helped him with his research on Superhumans), his teacher. After finding out the truth about Redford's murder, thanks to Dimitri Petrovich, James became Quantum.

Founding of The Guardians Edit

At the age of 24, he founded The Guardians after the superhuman attacks (perpretrated by The Wyvern Legion) in his hometown, Princeton.

James founded The Guardians with 6 members, including his sister Laurel, at first (the seventh member was Emma Ridder, but she was part-time and didn´t know everyone's identities), but included Dimitri Petrovich after the second superhuman attack.

When he and the rest of the team found out the real identities of the superhumans that had attacked Princeton (Tom Ridder, Olivia Weis, Alek Petrovich), he decided it was moment to tell Emma the truth. After learning this, she asked to become a full-time member, but James said no.

When Emma confronted him about this, James told her he didn´t want to lose her, but finally agreed to let her become a full-time member.

"I don´t want to lose you..." –– James to Emma
That same night Emma went to James house and kissed him, and James invited her to go out for something to eat that same night. This started a relationship between the two.

After The Guardians took down Redford and The Wyvern Legion nearly one year later, James married Emma Ridder on October 6th, 2017, in Princeton.

Nearly one year later, his son and his first daughter were born: Owen Wise and Sara Wise. That same year, he took the position of CEO in WiseTech, after his father passed away. Two months later he left the company in hands of his good friend, Benji Provan.

Helping the FBI Edit

James and the rest of The Guardians received a letter from a FBI agent called Paul Peterson, who needed their help to eliminate superhuman threats around the globe, as a FBI Superhuman Task Force. Peterson also tells them he knows their real identities. James votes against helping the FBI, but the team decides they would help.

He starts tracking a technology company, VanderCorp, which is known for helping the US Government in the development of nuclear weapons. James finds suspicious information about secret facilities of VanderCorp (such as the secret nuclear weapon storage facility in Boulder, Colorado). He showed the information to Peterson, but he said that the information he found was just a rumor. That was the moment James started to doubt about Peterson's agenda.

James was banned from the FBI Superhuman Task Force after accusing Peterson for helping VanderCorp. He continued with his research on the secret facilities, until he found out about a cobalt bomb prototype being stored in a facility known as "The Beacon". James also discovered Paul Peterson's real identity: Zack Farris, the major shareholder of VanderCorp.

He tried to warn the rest of the team, but Farris took precautions by capturing James and taking him to "The Juggernaut", a secret government facility to retain superhumans. He managed to escape before arriving to the prison, and found out the team was sent to Boulder, to protect "The Beacon" during a secret bomb (the cobalt bomb) test. James drives to The Beacon to prevent the test to start, and after arriving tells the team about Peterson's real identity. He and the rest of the team battle against VanderCorp guards and disarm the cobalt bomb before the test. James takes Zack Farris to The Juggernaut, even though he is a human.

The Battle of Princeton Edit

James participated directly on the Battle of Princeton by directing the Pro-Superhuman Group and leading the efforts to create the Protectorate of Princeton.

Powers and Abilities Edit

James was born with very powerful superhuman, such as Gravity Manipulation, Time Manipulation and Matter Manipulation. For this powerful superhuman abilities, Daniel Bauer placed him as an Omega Superhuman on the Superhuman Index. He was trained by Emma on close combat skills.

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